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FirstWord: Q&A with Sharlene Jenner on AI and Social Media in Pharma

31January, 2024
FirstWord Pharma featuring Sharlene Jenner
Sharlene Jenner, VP of Engagement Strategy

FirstWord, a top pharmaceutical industry site, published an informative Q&A on AI and social media analysis in pharma featuring Sharlene Jenner, vice president of engagement strategy at AbelsonTaylor Group and professor of AI and personalization for digital marketers at Southern Methodist University in Texas.

Jenner offers the following points in the story.

  • Pharma companies are just beginning to harness AI-led models to sift through the vast array of data found in social media posts to identify emerging trends or unmet needs
  • They should use a balanced approach between traditional market research and AI-led models to ensure depth and immediacy
  • Using AI-based models for social media analysis will greatly impact personalized marketing, enabling companies to be agile and dynamic within their marketing funnels
  • AI models can also be used to quell misinformation by locating some of these sources and to build trust with patients by addressing the misinformation
  • Pharmaceutical companies should start to build robust data governance

View the article here if you have a subscription to FirstWord or contact us for a copy of the full article.

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