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ELITE 2022 Mentor Bridget Hogan of AbelsonTaylor (PM360)

17May, 2022

BY PM360 STAFF MAY 17, 2022


Bridget Hogan
Associate Creative Director

Leading by Listening

Leader. Coach. Boss. Guide. Friend. Mentor. Bridget Hogan is all of these and more. She is someone everyone wants to work alongside and many aspire to emulate. As a writer, Bridget is masterful at owning the voice of a brand and digging deeply into articles, studies, and other materials to craft branded and unbranded messaging across all target audiences. As a mentor, she embraces teamwork and sets everyone up for success with amazing patience, kindness, and support.

Bridget knows how to handle every type of project that comes her way, including interactive visual aids (IVAs), white paper development, market research, broadcast, websites, CRM, SEO/SEM, case studies, videos, and print ads. With this expertise, she calmly guides her teams to excel, modeling success and helping them win in any situation. Her guidance has helped others move ahead in their careers, whether it’s assuming leadership roles in the industry (some of her proteges have become Creative Directors or Associate Creative Directors at other top health and wellness agencies) or shifting goals completely and reaching new career heights in unrelated industries (such as running a startup hospitality business).

She is a great listener and wonderfully generous with her time and feedback, and skillfully allows people to fail and learn without failing the brand and clients. Because of this, Bridget was awarded AbelsonTaylor’s 2018 Exemplary Employee Award, which is voted on across the agency. Many who nominated her cited her superior mentorship and guidance, saying she is someone they aspire to be like and to talk to about their dreams and goals.

And they’re not afraid to show it as one colleague says: “Bridget is the type of mentor who makes sure you are supported every step of the way without holding your hand. She gives you all of the information you need to succeed and then steps back to let you do your thing. But she is always there at each step if you have questions or just need someone to cheer you on. She’s the best.”

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