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AbelsonTaylor Helps Healthcare Marketers Prepare for Wearables Era

9September, 2014

Apple’s release of the iWatch marks a significant event for healthcare marketers seeking new ways to transmit their brand messaging. It means that time is running out for those who haven’t begun exploring brand opportunities through wearables. AbelsonTaylor, the world’s largest, independent health and wellness agency, has released a white paper that offers healthcare marketers suggestions on how to start and take advantage of Apple’s iWatch launch. The white paper is titled “Healthcare Marketing in the Wearables Era.”

“While Apple is not the first to introduce healthcare wearables, most analysts would agree that Apple will create the tidal wave of change just as it did for mobile phones, the music industry, and personal computing,” said Noah Lowenthal, vice president, group creative director, and one of three individuals who authored the white paper. “Healthcare marketers who decide to capitalize on the wave of wearables before they become part of mainstream give their brands an early advantage.”

Few in healthcare marketing are pushing brand messages through these devices because of the unique challenges inherent to the industry, such as adhering to medical and regulatory guidelines. AbelsonTaylor gathered three of its executives to discuss this new market trend. The authors are individuals with multiple years of experience launching, designing and building digital campaigns for healthcare companies. In addition to Lowenthal, the other authors are Emily Tower, VP of digital strategy & analytics and Jose Andrade, VP director of interactive technology.

“Healthcare Marketing in the Wearables Era” can be downloaded by going to:

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