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AbelsonTaylor Group Wins Gold and Two Silver Accolades at the 2023 PM360 Trailblazer Awards

6October, 2023

Leading health and wellness advertising network AbelsonTaylor Group earned a gold and two silvers at the 2023 PM360 Trailblazer Awards, held Oct. 3 at its annual New York City gala.

The network’s flagship agency, AbelsonTaylor, won a gold award for a direct-to-patient campaign created with CSL Behring for HEMGENIX, a gene therapy for hemophilia B. The same campaign, “A New World,” was also honored with a silver award in the sales aid category.

The HEMGENIX “Step into a New World” campaign was sparked by the thought of liberation. By ascending a stylized DNA strand—a clear indicator of gene therapy—people with hemophilia B enter a new world of possibilities. The addition of friends or family members to the tableau showcases that the benefits extend beyond just the patient..  With HEMGENIX, hemophilia B treatment has been elevated to reveal a completely new world.

AT Nutrient, a division of AbelsonTaylor Group, won silver in the professional campaigns category for “Similar but Uniquely Different,” a campaign created with Coherus BioSciences for CIMERLI, a biosimilar treatment approved for multiple disease indications. The Cimerli campaign was created to introduce the brand, educate retina specialists on the clinical equivalence of biosimilars, and highlight the brand’s unique differences.

The campaign introduced the CIMERLI Orange Oakleaf Butterfly. This miracle of nature became the perfect metaphor for the Cimerli campaign. In its natural environment, the butterfly appears disguised as just another fallen oak leaf, blending into with its environment. Upon closer inspection, however, it is uniquely different—revealing brilliant colors when opening its wings. Like Cimerli, a biosimilar that mimics but has unexpected and distinct beauty hidden in its benefits.

The PM360 Trailblazer Awards, sponsored by medical marketing publication PM360, have been recognizing outstanding achievement and innovation in healthcare marketing since 2009. Trailblazer Award nominations are judged by PM360’s Editorial Advisory Board, which represents a broad cross-section of industry experts. Judging criteria for initiatives in this year’s 18 categories included ability to overcome challenges, the skill and innovation with which initiatives were planned and executed, and the overall effectiveness and distinctiveness of the work.

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